As a compassionate, well-grounded social worker with over 25 years of clinical counselling experience with individuals, couples and families, my sole purpose in meeting with you is to help you enhance your overall well-being. 

Helping you achieve mental health and balance



About You...

You have inherent wisdom and compassion. However, common relationship issues can have serious effects on your emotional and physical health. Also, if you have lived in a negative or destructive environment and internalized damaging beliefs about yourself and relationships, life can be a struggle.


Seeking therapeutic help is a sign of strength. Together, we will help you feel valued and understood. We will explore how you can feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.


About Counselling...

I can help by engaging you in meaningful conversation about what is stopping you from enjoying your life and help you identify goals and make changes. A caring, non-judgemental approach is what you can expect from our conversation. I will help you reconnect and develop confidence with your inherent goodness so you can move forward feeling happier.


I will ask you the hard questions that need to be asked to help sort out issues that bring you to therapy. I will do this with a compassionate ear, a kind heart and be fully present during our time together.



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Michael Kuntz MSW, RSW


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