Take a Hike

So often, we feel compelled to be doing; always moving and accomplishing some task. Even when we do a mundane movement like walking, we mostly walk with a purpose. For example, to get somewhere, to buy something, to visit someone, etc. As a result, we are ‘doing’ walking rather than ‘being in the moment’ of walking.

Mindful walking is different. It’s goal is not to get anywhere in particular but to purposely pay attention to the act of walking in the present moment. And one achieves this by focusing the mind (because our minds love to wander) on all our senses….on the physical sensations of moving our feet and bodies, on the smell in the air, on the sounds and sights in the vicinity.

“Salvator ambulado - It is solved by walking.”

The Japanese have long practiced the art of Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing…..the practice of taking a leisurely walk in a forest. Science has now proven the health benefits of such a practice…lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced stress hormone production, boost to the immune system and improved feelings of mood and overall well-being. And, St. Augustine, in the 5th century, coined the Latin phrase, “Salvator ambulado” which translate to “It is solved by walking.”

Want to do something kind to yourself…take a hike, in nature and in silence and experience the benefits of mindful walking. Your mind will wander, that's what our minds do. Simply bring your mind back to your senses to enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice. See for yourself what the Japanese and St. Augustine figured out years ago.


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