I Can't Get No......Satisfaction

Do you ever get that nagging doubt that you aren’t enjoying life to its fullest, that something is missing but you can’t figure out what it is? Read on and you may get some clues.

It is said that for people to lead a life of relative satisfaction they need three things; a sense of structure or routine, a sense of purpose or meaning and a sense of community.

Certainly one needs the basic life essentials like food, water, clothing and shelter. But once these have been met, the other 3 factors bear directly on the level of satisfaction one derives from their life. Interesting that material wealth is not part of this equation.

Let’s look at these factors a little closer:

Structure/routine: We are all creatures of habit to some extent. Many of us achieve this through our employment. Our jobs naturally dictate a lot of structure in our lives. Once we stop working, whether through job loss or retirement, we are then challenged with developing new routines in our lives.

Purpose/meaning: Similarly, many people find purpose or meaning from their jobs but it is equally realized from raising a family or doing volunteer work, etc. Essentially it is from doing something for others…the proverbial golden rule of life.

Community: Community speaks to the social aspect of being a human being. Science has now measured the benefits of being social; connecting with others on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Simple things like joining a book club, walking with friends, sharing meals with friends or family all contribute to connecting with people.

Review these three factors and see where you might add some vitality in your life. Thinking about it and becoming more aware is always the first step. Taking small steps to make changes in your lifestyle is the recipe to increasing your satisfaction.

Good luck and may the satisfaction be with you!

- MK

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